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How it works

KnowNotes is your AI tutor, and it  
  your lectures

When your lecture ends, KnowNotes  
  your notes and study materials


I can focus on understanding concepts, not just jotting down notes. It's like having a personal tutor right next to you.

Morgan Daniels

The chat with course feature is crazy. It pulls up relevant notes and answers questions based on the semester of classes.

Alex Chen

It turns my Youtube binges into productive and interactive study sessions. It's a game-changer.

Taylor Morgan

I feel like I'm studying smarter, not harder. It's a must have for anyone who values efficiency.

Jordan Patel

This AI saved my grades and so much of my time this semester. I can't imagine taking notes by hand anymore.

Casey Rivers

The AI answers are tailored to each of my classes. It's like the AI knows exactly what I need to know.

Avery Nguyen


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